Cancri Elsy Branding

Client: Cancri Elsy
Industry: Jewellery
Branding, Art Direction

Cancri Elsy is a China-based designer jewellery brand. Partnered with the founder and creative director, we have created its identity and practical branding guides with very limited time and budget availability. And provided design guidance along its rapid growth in the sector, and later designed the brand's second line branding in 2017 targeting younger consumers.


Cancri Elsy 品牌形象

客户:Cancri Elsy
品牌设计, 艺术指导

Cancri Elsy 是一家成立于中国的设计师珠宝品牌。在其成立之初,我们与品牌创始人及创意总监紧密合作,在有限的时间和预算下完成了品牌logo及实用的品牌形象指南。随时之后品牌的高速成长,我们其提供艺术指导并与2017年时设计了针对年轻消费人群的副线品牌。
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