Album cover collection (2019-2021)

Client: EMI Production MusicIndustry: MusicGraphic, Illustration2019-2021 – 专辑封面设计选集(2019-2021) 客户:百代唱片行业:音乐平面设计, 插画2019-2021

Global Blue product introduction video for partners

Client: Global BlueIndustry: Travel, Tax refundMotion graphic, Corporate communication2020 Motion graphic for group’s merchant & brand partners to overview the service flow and key steps for customers. – 环球蓝联合作伙伴产品简介视频 客户:环球蓝联行业:旅游,退税动态图形,企业传播2020 供给集团商户及品牌合作伙伴的产品说明视频,以提供服务流程总览,及必须步骤和注意点。

VoucherCodes Christmas campaign videos

Client: VoucherCodesIndustry: RetailMotion graphic, Art direction2019 VoucherCodes is a UK based retail savings provider. Working with company’s in house team, we’ve produced a series of Christmas campaign videos, based on same storyboard and themed for both main brand and VC Students – firm’s sub brand specifically supporting students. – VoucherCodes 圣诞推广视频 客户:VoucherCodes行业:零售动态图形,艺术指导2019 VoucherCodes 是一家英国折扣码提供商。与公司设计团队合作,我们一起制作了一系列圣诞推广视频,基于同样的概念但通过视觉主题来同时服务公司的主品牌,以及专门服务学生群体的副牌 VC Students。

Global Blue digital touch points videos

Client: Global BlueIndustry: Travel, Tax refundMotion graphic, Corporate communication2019 At the moment, Global Blue’s digital department is in need of 2 short, highly summarised video explainers to internally communicate main digital touch points for group’s two main customer segments. We have delivered videos in very short notice, in order to fulfil group’s global management conference. – 环球蓝联数字接触点说明视频 客户:环球蓝联行业:旅游,退税动态图形,企业传播2019 环球蓝联数字部门时需两则简明的说明视频,向集团管理层及员工阐述针对不同客户分类的数字产品接触点。我们在很短的时间内交付了此视频,以应对全球管理层会议。

Global Blue x Alipay campaign

Client: Global BlueIndustry: Travel, Tax refundMotion graphic2019 Working with Global Blue’s illustrator, we produced this motion graphic for a Chinese market focused campaign, encouraging customer to shop abroad using Alipay and get VAT refunded via Global Blue’s global network. – 环球蓝联 x 支付宝推广视频 客户:环球蓝联行业:旅游,退税动态图形2019 通过与环球蓝联的插画师合作,我们一起制作了这则针对中国市场的宣传视频,来鼓励消费者在境外旅游时使用支付宝购买,并通过环球蓝联的全球网络申请退税。

The Shanghairen Illustration2019 ‘The Shanghairen’ is the literal translation ‘Shanghainese’ in Chinese. It is a collaborative project gathering dozens of artists from Shanghai and abroad who were offered to express their vision of the city with a complete freedom of style and topic. As part of the project, my illustration is inspired by the iconic Shanghai breakfast fried dough, sesame pancake, … Read More

Album cover collection (2018)

Client: EMI Production MusicIndustry: MusicGraphic, Illustration2018 – 专辑封面设计选集(2018) 客户:百代唱片行业:音乐平面设计, 插画2018

Corporate Energy Solutions Portal

Client: ON5 GroupIndustry: Energy, ConsultancyUI/UX, Data Visualisation2018 This the consolidated portal of ON5’s product and services, offering complete experience for corporate management and its employees to increase day-to-day energy efficiency through visualised data insights, social and content. This product can be customised for each client and available across web and iOS / Android tablet app, – 企业节能解决方案门户 客户:ON5能源集团行业:能源,咨询UI/UX, 数据可视化2018 作为ON5产品及服务的总集,通过视觉化的数据呈现、社交及内容,此门户为客户企业的管理层及其员工的节能减排提供了完整的一站式体验。此产品可根据不同客户及服务需求进行定制,并以网站及原生iOS/安卓平板应用部署。

Album cover collection (2017)

Client: EMI Production MusicIndustry: MusicGraphic, Illustration2017 A selection of B2B album covers done in the year of 2017, we are forming our own stye with more matured visual, while fulfilling client’s need. – 专辑封面设计选集(2017) 客户:百代唱片行业:音乐平面设计, 插画2017 2017年度为百代唱片B2B部门所做的封面选集。这一年在满足客户需求的同时,我们也以更成熟的设计,渐渐形成了自己的设计风格。

Culture Whisper website updates (2017) Client: Culture WhisperIndustry: Media, Arts, CultureUI/UX2017 Culture Whisper’s website is indeed needed bit of refreshment with its expansion and business needed over these years. We have partnered with CW’s owner, product and marketing team this year to upgrade its navigation, widgets and templates to form the future design directions. – Culture Whisper 网站更新 (2017) 客户:Culture Whisper行业:媒体, 艺术, 文化交互设计2017 经历了这几年的扩张,Culture … Read More