The Elsies Branding

Client: Cancri ElsyIndustry: JewelleryBranding, Art Direction2017 This is the second line of Chinese jewellery brand Cancri Elsy. In order to attract a younger target customers, a more energetic, engaging visual has been applied whilst keeping the simplicity in consisted with the main brand. – The Elsies 品牌形象 客户:Cancri Elsy行业:珠宝品牌设计, 艺术指导2017 是这中国珠宝品牌 Cancri Elsy 的副线品牌。在与主线视觉简洁的视觉风格一致的前提下,我们在视觉上加入了更多活力,来更好的吸引此品牌相对年轻的受众群体。

Album cover collection (2016)

Client: Sony/ATV Music Publishing, EMI Production MusicIndustry: MusicGraphic, Illustration2016 This is a selection of cover designs we’ve done for Sony/ATV and EMI in the year of 2016. Features various visual styles to highlight the content which are targeting B2B users such as television, film and gaming industry. – 专辑封面设计选集(2016) 客户:Sony/ATV音乐出版,百代唱片行业:音乐平面设计, 插画2016 这是2016年间我们为Sony/ATV及百代所做的部分专辑封面设计。这些不同视觉风格的封面主要服务于电视,电影及游戏等行业用户。

La Dolce Vita

Client: Mozhi WangIndustry: PublishingEditorial, Graphic2016 “La Dolce Vita” is the third book published by independent author Mozhi Wang. During the process, we found and shared different views with Mozhi on the cover design from content perspectives. At the end, as both sides insisted, the book was printed and published in dual covers, to respect both author and designer. – 《生活的甜蜜》 … Read More

ON5 UK & Italy website / Client: ON5 GroupIndustry: Energy, ConsultancyUI/UX, graphic,2016 ON5 is a French organization that provides corporate energy solutions in EU markets. We have designed, developed and maintained separate promotional websites helping the business to expand in United Kingdom and Italy. – ON5 英国及意大利网站 / 客户:ON5能源集团行业:能源,咨询交互设计, 平面设计2016 ON5集团总部位于法国,主要为欧洲市场的企业用户提供能源咨询及解决方案。我们为集团英国及意大利的团队设计,开发并维护着独立的网站,助力集团拓展在这两国的商业版图。

The investment guide of EXPO area, Shanghai Pudong

Client: Shanghai Pudong People’s Government / Timeout ShanghaiIndustry: Public sectorEditorial, Illustration, Graphic2016 In 2016, working with Timeout Shanghai’s editorial team, we pitched and produced this guide book to promote and guide potential investors to the most emerging area of Shanghai. – 上海浦东世博地区投资指南 客户:上海市浦东新区人民政府 / Timeout上海行业:公共事务编辑设计, 插画, 平面设计2016 在2016年时,我们与Timeout上海的编辑团队合作,提案并最终设计制作了这一指南手册,来向潜在投资者及企业介绍这一上海最具投资潜力的新兴地区。

Cancri Elsy Branding

Client: Cancri ElsyIndustry: JewelleryBranding, Art Direction2015 Cancri Elsy is a China-based designer jewellery brand. Partnered with the founder and creative director, we have created its identity and practical branding guides with very limited time and budget availability. And provided design guidance along its rapid growth in the sector, and later designed the brand’s second line branding in 2017 targeting younger … Read More

Since Creative phone cases: Airport Collection

Client: Since CreativeIllustration, Graphic Design Finally we’ve set up a little shop at Casetify! With collections of phone, tablet and apple watch accessories available for sell. Inspired by graphic elements from major airports around the world, this collection features simplicity and reflective to what we love. For more collections and order, please visit:

Artzip Issue14

Client: Art.ZipCo-production with BulletpinEditorial Design, Graphic Design Engaged with Art.Zip editorial team and Bulletpin – group of designers expertise in fine art / contemporary artwork sectors, we have always created inimitable yet unique experience for our readers. Design credit:(Shine) Xianghui Ye(Daisy) Xiaodan Gao(Anne) Nan Wu

Timeout Shanghai Theatre Awards

Client: Timeout ShanghaiIllustration, Graphic and Digital One of the Timeout Shanghai’s annual event that focused on theatre and stage performance life in the city. The studio has produced main artwork and relevant publicities to be used across editorial, print and digital channels.

Pop Ballads

Client: Sony/ATV Music PulishingGraphic Design, Illustration Commissioned by Sony/ATV we created this cool and relaxing effect which incorporates a person which didn’t solely indicate the gender to allow a wider variation for their own interpretation.