The Elsies Branding

Client: Cancri Elsy
Industry: Jewellery
Branding, Art Direction

This is the second line of Chinese jewellery brand Cancri Elsy. In order to attract a younger target customers, a more energetic, engaging visual has been applied whilst keeping the simplicity in consisted with the main brand.


The Elsies 品牌形象

客户:Cancri Elsy
品牌设计, 艺术指导

是这中国珠宝品牌 Cancri Elsy 的副线品牌。在与主线视觉简洁的视觉风格一致的前提下,我们在视觉上加入了更多活力,来更好的吸引此品牌相对年轻的受众群体。
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